Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life's Unexpected Turns for the Best

It's been months since I've added to my blog. I went through a dark time in my life. Losing a job that I worked my heart and soul in, all of it was unnoticed again. It reminded me much of past experiences where I've put everything into something and it didn't work out. As this was not the 1st time I got burnt by a job, I luckily had account assurance for many of my bills, college loans, credit cards amongst other securities. At first, I wanted to run away from my problems and moved 1000 miles north, only to encounter an unanticipated situation which brought us back to Phoenix. 
What I've learned is to appreciate the things I lost while working 80 hours a week. I have family time, I have a wonderful family that I desperately needed to spend more time with. I was lucky to have the opportunity to remain at home with just enough temporary but part-time opportunities to make ends meet. Amongst help from family, I still own a home, have transportation and spend much of my time with my family expecting an addition in October. I still have bad days, I still struggle to make ends meet but I'm so much happier to just be teaching online and on ground. I feel like I do make a difference and the lowered stress has helped me to remain healthier this pregnancy. Now reaching 4 months, I'm really getting excited about having a baby for my daughter. I always wanted a sibling and I'm so happy my daughter will have one.
I'm very appreciative that I'm still surviving and we are happily together. I'm excited to join dance again and be a stronger part of the practice. I love watching my husband be a dad. Life can always be better, but its the perfect moments in between that get you through the tough times. <3

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