Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I’m ready with my I’m Thankful List!!

Since I do not have the interest or motivation to list something everyday on facebook, here’s my 30-day summary.

I am thankful…..

1. That I have my daughter because she creates true value to my life.

2. My husband and I have survived another year (without killing each other).

3. My husband is the most patient person I know (probably the reason #2 has worked out).

4. I’ve lost 110lbs this year.

5. I’ve lost 14 sizes in clothes and still have my modestly large boobies.

6. I may not be the most beautiful girl in the world – I am smart (that’s way better).

7. I have two loving dogs.

8. My husband takes cares of my two loving dogs.

9. I own a home.

10. My family still loves me.

11. My daughter has inherited almost all of my good qualities (we won’t mention the bad; remember this list was to be positive).

12. I have a working automobile.

13. I did not end up with any of my ex-relationships. (after some facebook-stalking I can definitely say “oh thank Buddha!” that could’ve been a clusterf*ck)

14. I am for-the-most-part an organized person.

15. I don’t have gambling debt. (We won’t mention all the other debt; this is supposed to be positive).

16. I have a few really wonderful friends.

17. I deleted the “drama-creators” from my facebook.

18. I’ve stuck to my decision and kept them off my facebook.

19. I won’t be teaching as much in the spring.

20. I haven’t had a brain aneurism yet.

21. I haven’t been in a car accident (seriously, I say this to myself everyday – Phoenix drivers are nuts).

22. I haven’t committed any homicides (if you met the people I work with – you’d understand).

23. I am not living in the Northeast.

24. I no longer have to deal with snow.

25. I have made it through this fall semester (well almost) managing over 150 students in six different classes, both on ground and online, was a little harder than I first thought.

26. None of my current students are psychopaths (seriously that’s a concern these days).

27. My dad is still in my life (he’s had a few good reasons in the past to jump the boat).

28. I may not be rich, but I do get to buy just about everything I want.

29. I finally had a moment today to add to my blog.

30. I have a job (based on the economy this needed added somewhere).