Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aspirations of the Dream Job

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I hate that my time to write is often cut short by my many jobs. I wish I could spend more time with my daughter, I wish I could work from home. I am getting there, I just need to figure out how to get health insurance- then I will dump this donut stand and stick with what I do best. Teaching and Writing.

I really want to start writing children’s books (along with illustrating them). It’s something I have always wanted to do. I want to write about the Adventures of Nina, so that she can look back and appreciate how wonderful her life was as a child.

I am really happy about getting this new job tutoring part-time, it doesn’t pay that much but it should be rewarding. I appreciate things that are rewarding, rather than things that just require pointless work that are not going to be helpful.

So my first story of Nina’s Adventures needs to be a good one, I’m not sure if it should be her adventure as a princess, pirate, water bender, meeting attendee, or teacher.

She has so many adventures each day and she is such a wonderful subject matter – it’s really a matter of picking the best adventure and sending it to every publisher I can think of.

Any opinions on which story I should write first? Which topic would you pick?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Economic Cluster We Call Our Home

It’s been several weeks since I have been able to write due to my current workload, working a full-time and three part-time jobs has really started to take a toll on my mind. Oddly, my body is doing alright. I’ve lost a little weight, which is the long term goal but I haven’t really been as tired as I normally am. It seems that my body has adjusted to six hours or less of sleep. We shall see if it keeps it up the rest of the ten weeks.

I’d like to say I am focused on the task at hand, and I am doing well doing everything I do but that would be a lie. I keep making mistakes, all over the place and I am starting to think that I am not strong enough to handle my own schedule. I rarely see my own daughter anymore besides on the weekends. I am sure my own father felt this way having to work long hours, day after day only seeing me for moments. He did that all so that my family could prosper, I find myself in the same boat. It is so hard to work all day for people/pets and not get to enjoy time with them. I took some time off of my regular job in September and that ended up ruining my record of never having missed a deadline and to make it sting just a little more – it occurred with two classes.

I’m very frustrated with my day job, I like to think I can do it very well but then I make dumb mistakes and I question whether I am in the wrong field altogether.

What I really want to do is teach for a University full-time but without that Ph.D. I am stuck where I am.

This economy is a killer and I’ve been thinking a lot about getting rid of things I hold dear just to pay off the debt. I am terrible with money it seems no matter how hard I try, I am still in the hole. I suppose it’s because I spend money on things because I feel I should be justified to have nice clothes at minimum at all of my jobs. Or because I don’t know my own limits, either way I need to find means to get out of the hole.

Any suggestions? I have already contemplated the obvious, drop it like it’s hot and disappear. I guess I am looking for a more tangible response where I don’t destroy my entire credit history.