Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gender Reveal Experience

I paid a private licensed ultrasound tech come to my home to do an in-home ultrasound while my family in Pennsylvania logged in via Skype. Today, May 25, 2013, James arrived to make the official gender determination.

At the beginning of our appointment, our television was set up, so our family could watch. My daughter insisted on holding my hand and as he begins the sonogram. He says: for fun, that he usually checks to heart rate to see if the old wive's tale about a baby's bpm holds accurate. 

He mentioned, in his experience, its 95% accurate. He continues to say that a boy's heart beats per minute is most always under 150 bpm and a girl is most always above. He says that only in about five out of a hundred, is it usually off.

The bpm was 137. Note: I've been saying that the site always tells me boy... After he says this and shows the heart rate, our family on the webcam gets louder with excitement.

My daughter gives me this terrified, sad and confused look. She was positive it was a girl.

At the start, the baby is straddling the umbilical cord and he says he has to get the baby to move. Baby was literally hugging the placenta like pillow. (So cute.)

While doing so, he explains that typically girl's show three lines (he explains the logic) and while trying to get baby to move he says, "We'll I think I know what it is but I want to be sure before I say. I just want to get her to move to be certain."

Everyone on the webcam caught it too. "Did we just hear 'her'?"

I spoke up and said, "I heard 'her'."
My daughter flashes me a look of excitement and relief.

James laughs and says, "we'll let's just watch her then and here you will notice  there is no penis, its definitely a girl..."
My 5-year old niece, Riley and her younger brother, Gracin, (who are presently watching/listening on the webcam) hear the word "penis" and all the children in the room squeal with giggles

James then says, slightly embarrassed says, "Oh kids, that is just the technical term for berries and a stick." 

We were all laughing hysterically at this point. While we are giggling, the baby is acting funny on the screen. She even scratched her butt, which we caught a 3D photo of. I'll remind her I still have that photo when she's fifteen.

My daughter Nina gives me a high five that its for sure a girl.

The entire experience was so positive and exciting for all. I am so blessed to have to shared it with my (grandma) Craft, (mom) Tina and (other dad) Pat, (sisters) Tessa and Kali and (my extended family) Nate and (niece) Riley and (nephew) Gracin. 

It was just a wonderful experience, definitely worth it. ~

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