Monday, March 19, 2012

Overwhelmed and I know it!!

So I’ve been planning for my vacation in my spare time, which has turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare. Nothing seems to be easy, my dentist over charged my credit card – I’m desperately trying to stay ahead of the cycling debt. I have done my best to keep my vacation off of my credit, because I’m still paying off last year’s vacation. I don’t want to make that mistake again.

I was supposed to complete a lot of online work, including preparing for a version change to my online Humanities course with the University of Phoenix. I was also supposed to write my guidance for my new Ashford courses, beginning about a week after my return from vacation.

What I discovered is as much as most of my work is not difficult for me to do, I have become a procrastinator. I don’t know when this transition happened because it’s completely opposed to the way I’ve always worked. I was the student done with my final projects, two weeks before the end of my classes.

Now I find myself struggling to plan my next move 24 hours (or less) in advance of when I need to achieve my target.

No wonder, I am a pot full of anxiety. If I don’t get these things done over vacation, I will have to go back to pulling off some overnighters. I’m definitely over the age of successfully pulling off overnighters.

I know I’m overloaded… between taking care of my husband’s adventures with applying for disability, to being involved in too many professional organizations, to trying to be super mom, to trying to be the best professor to get noticed, to trying to make room for my religious faith, to all my career endeavors at the University of Phoenix….

I know I need a break, but the sad part of that is knowing, my vacation is really not going to be a vacation – it’s going to be a week, where I have to do all the online work I procrastinated on during spring break.

Sigh. End of short rant.

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