Monday, August 22, 2011

Being a Child at Heart (and in Reality): Both are OK!

Today I arrived at work ready for the day. It’s going to be the first day of the next 16 weeks of chaos. The first day of Maricopa Community Colleges semester; I’m excited I will be teaching three courses, which is quite an increase from my one course this past spring. The courses I am teaching this semester include two: introduction to communication courses and one public speaking course.

Instead of focusing on that or any of the work in my inbox today – I found myself on the Disney Store online to see which Disney Princess was released for the Disney Princess Designer Collection. I couldn’t help but to remember the days shopping with my mom and dad, and the long drives to specialty doll stores to purchase dolls I was only aloud to look at, never touch. I laugh out loud thinking about how I reacted to that concept as a child, why would you waste money on something you can’t play with? (I still kind of feel that way.)

But following in my mother’s footsteps, I raced to the Disney Store in Scottsdale (closest one to where I work) to waste my break time (and hard earned money) on buying Nina a doll she can’t even take out of the box. She got 6447 of 8000 on the first in the series Cinderella Designer Collection Fashion Doll, now only 9 more designer princesses to go.

After carefully inspecting each doll to come out (they were on a large display in the store), I came to the conclusion that I will be buying two Ariel’s and two Mulan’s because they HAVE TO come out of the boxes. I know I’m a child but if I get one for myself out of the box, Nina is going to have to have one out too and the prettiest one in the set (in my opinion) is definitely Ariel. (Mulan is my favorite so I’m getting her out of the box for myself.)

Either way I realized something today, I may be a child (at heart or in reality) but it feels great! Now I can’t wait to get Ariel and Mulan… watch they will be the last two released… that would only figure!

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